Alabama man walking 1,000 miles to Minnesota spot where George Floyd died

Man to walk 1,000 miles to Minnesota spot where George Floyd died

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — In an effort to bring attention to disparities in justice and equality, an Alabama man is walking 1,000 miles to the Minnesota location where George Floyd died .

Terry Willis is hoping others will join him along his walk, WHNT reported.

“I think a lot of people are just fed up. Because they are like, alright, enough is enough. You just murdered this man in front of the world, on camera. That can’t happen. And that’s why I am marching 1,000 miles for change, justice and equality,” Willis told WHNT.

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Floyd, 46, died May 25 after he was detained for questioning regarding the use of counterfeit money. Video of his death caught by bystanders, sparked outrage. It shows Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin holding his knee to Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes as Floyd pleaded for air.

Willis, a husband, father and business owner, hopes to spur change and be a positive example to his 7-year-old son.

“The history that I am going to make is definitely for him. I want him to live to grow up and not have to deal with any of this,” Willis told WHNT. “It’s so funny and it’s so simple. I just would really love for us, African Americans they call us black people, colored people, whatever just for us to be seen as equals that’s it.”

There is a GoFundMe account to help him with his journey.