• Woman claims UPS driver ran over her dog, left 'sorry' note on 'missed package' slip

    By: Carlin Becker, Rare.us


    BELLINGHAM, Wash. - Washington woman Cynthia Wakelin said she wasn’t home last week when a UPS driver showed up to deliver a package. She claims that's when he ran over her 14-year-old dog and wrote a short note to her on a “missed package” slip.

    “Sorry, but I backed over Tobey [sic]. He’s dead over by where I turn around,” the note read, Wakelin told the Daily Mail. “I didn’t see him behind me. Sorry.”

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    Wakelin, who told the outlet that she lives in a remote area and lets her dogs roam freely, said she was bewildered by the driver's note.

    “All I saw on the note was ‘Tobey’ and ‘he’s dead,’ and I just started screaming,” she said in an interview. “I told my girlfriend to get my kids in the house. My son was asking what was wrong, and I said I needed to find Toby. I guess I didn’t believe it was true.”

    Wakelin claimed that she had to search hard for the sharpei-terrier mix’s body, which was hidden in a wooded area under a log. She added that the driver was familiar with her pet, as he would deliver packages frequently, and he could have called the number on Toby’s collar.

    “If he would have called me, it would have lightened the blow a little bit,” she told the Daily Mail. “I don’t ever want to see his face again.”



    PLEASE SHARE! THIS IS TO TRY AND CHANGE @UPS POLICY! WHEN AN A PET IS INJURED OR KILLED THERE SHOULD BE A CALL! IT SHOULD NOT BE IN A SAME CATEGORY AS A PACKAGE. LEAVING A NOTE IS NOT OK! A @ups driver killed my 14 y/o dog, Toby, and left this note on my door! He also put his body where I had to search for him. My phone number was on the package and on my babies collar. You took my baby! You couldn't even call and tell me or give a sincere apology? You thought you could redeliver my package the next day and apologize? We weren't worth your time that day? I had to come home WITH MY KIDS and find a note! Do you know how traumatizing that is for a 6 year old boy?! I'm sick. My whole family is sick. This is not acceptable! I live far off the main roads. You failed to pay attention and have no heart! You ripped my family into pieces. I didn't get to say goodbye to the first dog I have ever owned. He was my family. He was my child's best friend. #iwantmydogback #mansbestfriend #Dogsmatter #dogs #dogstrust #wspca #inhumane #ups @oprahmagazine @oprah #oprah #foxnews @foxnews #nbc @nbc @instagram #instagram

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    Wakelin said that when she contacted UPS' customer service, a representative told her, "At least he had the heart to leave a note and didn't just leave your dog dead on your driveway." However, she added, another representative was sent to her house to apologize in person and intercepted the driver, who was attempting to redeliver the package, and admonished him. Wakelin said she hasn’t heard from the company since.

    “UPS apologized to the customer for this unfortunate incident. Our local manager personally visited the customer and gave our condolences. The driver involved has been disciplined, and the company will make a goodwill payment to the customer,” spokesman Dan Mackin said in the statement.

    Wakelin told the Daily Mail that she has been speaking with animal rights lawyers to explore her legal options because she wants “UPS to make it a point to tell their drivers that they need to care about the people they are delivering these packages to. And if their pets get hurt – even if they don’t care – they should act like they care.”

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