Watch: The biggest spider you've ever seen and it's in your car

COFFS HARBOUR, New South Wales — An Australian woman saw a horrifying sight Friday while driving home from work: a massive spider on the sun visor above her head.

The spider was so huge it didn’t even look real, but it was.

Bianca Merrick of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, was so terrified she couldn't even stop her car. Instead, she said she decided to keep driving for another 20 minutes with the huge arachnid perched over her head because she said she thought it was the better option, according to UPI.

Driver finds Giant Spider

SPIDER ALERT | An Australian driver appears to have kept their cool when confronted with a pretty big spider while driving. We recommend not shooting video while driving and definitely NOT driving with a giant spider in your car!! :)

Posted by 12NewsNow on Monday, November 20, 2017

"I was on my way home from work when I looked up and saw it staring at me," Merrick told UPI.

"I considered stopping but I didn't know how I'd get it out of the car, so I thought the best option for me was to keep driving and pretend it wasn't there for the longest 20 minutes of my life."

Merrick somehow managed to record the spider while she was driving.

She said when she got home, she jumped out of the car and locked the door, but when she went back in the morning to get the massive spider it, she said it had disappeared.