‘The Jacket' is the new version of 2015's ‘The Dress'

‘The Jacket' is the new version of 2015's ‘The Dress'


It's happening again.

Is this jacket blue and white or black and brown?
No one can forget that exactly one year ago, a black and blue/white and gold dress took the Internet by storm, prompting civil wars in classrooms and offices everywhere.

Meet 2016’s version of 2015's “The Dress,” and let the nightmare begin all over again.

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A Tumblr user named PopPunkBlogger posted a photo of an Adidas track jacket, captioning the image, "I hate to make a new (blue and black or white and gold) dress meme, but my friend has this jacket and she says it's white and blue. But I see black and brown. Please tell me what you see."
"The Jacket" is prompting the same mind-boggling phenomenon as its predecessor: the interpretation of the jacket's colors varies from person to person. 
According to a BuzzFeed poll, 75 percent of people see the jacket as blue and white.

See the orignal Tumblr post below.