Teen saves up money to buy classmate new shoes, clothes

Teen's Gift to Friend in Need Caught in Emotional Video

CONWAY, S.C. — As some teens worry about getting the newest electronic device for themselves, a high school student in South Carolina saved her money to do much more.

Sofi Cruz Turner has been friends with Jahiem since third grade. Recently Jahiem asked if someone could get him new shoes. Sofi knew her friend was in need, so she decided to help, WMBF reported.

"I've always thought about getting him something before but never had the money or the gut(s) to do it," She wrote on a Facebook post.

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She rounded up money from her first job at an area restaurant, and added a little more from her mother and grandfather, to buy Jahiem not only shoes, but also socks, a shirt and a backpack, WMBF reported.

Sofi gave Jahiem the new gear in class Wednesday and it was caught on video, and posted on Facebook, which has been viewed more than 240,000 times in only two days.

<p emxed-trx-captiongroup="photo-caption" emxed-trx-captiontitle="Caption" emxed-trx-captiontype="caption" emxed-trx-iscaption="true" eom-name="p">Sofi Cruz Turner helped her classmate Jahiem get a new pair of shoes.</p>

Sofi Cruz Turner helped her classmate Jahiem get a new pair of shoes.