Police urge parents not to buy phone case that looks like gun

Police in California are urging parents not to buy -- or allow their children to buy -- a phone case that looks like a gun.

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The San Mateo Police Department, in an Oct. 1 Facebook post that echoed an earlier post that went viral, suggested strongly that the cases should be avoided.

"Although a novelty, it will create unwanted scrutiny from law enforcement for whoever uses it," the department wrote on Facebook.

At first glance, the case looks like a gun. While it comes in several colors, the black version is especially convincing and that concerns police, who will have to respond when concerned residents call to report it.

On Sept. 24, Aaron P. Sheehan, who identified himself on Facebook as a police officer, urged readers, "Please, please do not buy this or allow your children to have this new phone case! Hell, tell everyone you know, not just your kids!!"

The post went viral, with more than 3,600 comments.

In late February, a central Florida high school was placed on lockdown after students thought a 15-year-old boy's cellphone case was a gun.