Oklahoma man finds 7-foot snake in dryer vent

Oklahoma man finds 7-foot snake in dryer vent

A 7-foot snake managed to crawl in the dryer vent at the home of an Oklahoma man.

YUKON, Okla. — An Oklahoma man got a big surprise when he saw a 7-foot snake slithering into his dryer vent, KFOR reported.

“There was a huge snake. It went from the gate, all the way through the AC unit and we saw it up in the dryer vent, going inside,” said Wayne Melvin, of Yukon, who found the large reptile at his home.

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The snake was crawling through the dryer hole, which led to his house, according to KFOR.

“We pulled the dryer out,” Melvin told the television station. “We took it apart to see if we could find this thing. We didn’t want it in the house.”

The snake thought better of slithering into the house and tried to back out of the vent. Melvin did not call a pest control company, but instead waited for the snake to leave on its own. He certainly was not going to rush the reptile.

"The only thing that was sticking out the next time was the head. And I'm not gonna try to grab that," Melvin told KFOR. "We gave it a little bit of time to come out naturally instead of hurting or killing it."

Melvin waited for the snake to exit the dryer, then put on some gloves and carried it to the creek that runs behind his home. However, he admitted finding the snake trying to snuggle next to his laundry was a little unsettling.

"It scared me," Melvin told KFOR. "It was definitely a different location. Normally you find them hidden in very obvious locations. Not your dryer vent."