Need a break from politics on social media? There's an app for that


If you're sick of political posts on Facebook there are apps that you can use to block them.

Chrome users can remove all politics from Facebook with an extension called Remove All Politics from Facebook. But it's not a permanent fix. You can toggle it on or off depending on your mood. Reviews say it isn't a catch-all and cannot be customized, but many users are singing its praises for cutting down on the amount of politics that they see on their feeds.

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Social Fixer works not only on Chrome, but also on other browsers, including Safari and Firefox. Social Fixer, according to PC World, works on predefined filters, but also on customizable keywords.

Are you tired of the Facebook newsfeed telling you what is important? You can block your feed totally with another Chrome extension called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook. It takes away the news feed and replaces it with an inspirational quote.

Finally, if you find yourself falling down the Facebook, Twitter or any other internet rabbit hole, there's an option that will block you from domains. You can set LeechBlock, an extension for Firefox,either completely or during certain times, helping you break the habit of the social media time suck.