Mail carrier caught on camera mishandling packages

WATCH: USPS Worker Accused of Mishandling Packages

CARVER, Mass. — A surveillance camera captured a United States Postal Service (USPS) employee in Carver carelessly handling packages.

The video from Friday shows the employee taking packages from the back of a mail truck and tossing them on the ground.

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Danielle Goodine said items in the packages were broken. Goodine also said the boxes were left in the rain, while a breezeway and garage awning are located just feet away.

Goodine said a USPS Consumer Affairs representative contacted her and assured appropriate action was being taken.

Goodine posted the video on Facebook. It received more than 36,000 views and was shared 300 times.

“This was never intended to bash carriers as I know the majority are very hardworking people,” Goodine said. “It was just to get some help.”

WFXT also reached out to USPS for comment.