• Large cannibal python eats even bigger python then throws it back up

    By: Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    When the manager of a Western Australian tourist resort and farm discovered a large python in his garage last week, he could see that the snake had just had a large lunch with its body bulging and rippling.

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    The first concern at Parry Creek Farm Tourists Resort and Caravan Park, according to Kurt Jongedyk in a social media post, was that the snake had eaten one of the chickens at the farm, but all the chickens were accounted for.

    Following the farm’s policy, the snake was bagged up for relocation to a wildlife area.

    “Once he was out of the bag he started to regurgitate. That’s when we saw the tail! Jongedyk said.

    The snake had eaten, then thrown up another python that was even larger than itself, a series of photos on the business’ Facebook page shows.

    “It all happened very quickly and he was off again and sound,” Jongedyk said, but he told the New Daily that it was the most amazing snake encounter he’s ever had.


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