• Good Samaritan now regrets chasing thieves who broke into woman's car

    By: Carl Willis, WSBTV.com


    ATLANTA - A good Samaritan who tried to chase down robbers says he regrets his decision.

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    "I was in the wrong, and I would, I would, never do it again." Greg Mobley told Channel 2's Carl Willis

    Mobley pulled into an Exxon gas station at Bolton and Marietta roads on Wednesday when he heard a woman screaming for help. He decided to act. 

    "It's a spur of the moment thing and you don't realize it, until they're looking at you in your eyes and they're asking for help from anybody," he said.

    On Thursday, Mobley met Willis at the scene and described how he used his truck to try to stop the thieves. They had just shattered the victim's window and stolen her purse. 

    Mobley said he tried to cut them off, or possibly clip their car, but he missed when they swerved around. 

    "They were quick and they weren't afraid of much. And they just didn't seem like they valued even their life," he said.

    He said traffic was blocked by a MARTA bus, but the thieves continued to maneuver west on Bolton.

    Mobley said he only pulled back when they ratcheted up the threat to him and everyone around.

    "One of them did stick a gun out the window to let me know that they had a gun. But there was a time when I could have pinned them under that MARTA bus." 

    Ultimately, he decided he didn't want to take the pursuit too far. Mobley told Willis he even regrets chasing after the young thieves.

    "I just went and sat by myself for a 15-20 minutes and I just cried," Mobley said. "I mean it was sad; I could have really hurt (them). It could have been a really horrible thing. It won't be me again. I won't ever do that again."

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