Former teacher loses license after telling student her ‘curves are spicy'

WESTLAKE, Fla. — A former Seminole Ridge High School math teacher has been stripped of his teaching license after telling a 15-year-old student three years ago that he fantasized about her and that her "curves are spicy."

Samuel Fiore was a math teacher at the Westlake school in 2014 when police concluded he passed a series of notes to a student in a hallway saying her eyes were "sexy," her curves were "spicy" and that he was "not a pervert."

In notes written on index cards, Fiore confessed to spending time fantasizing about the girl, a former student, in ways that “scare me to death,” police records show. He wrote that he wanted to find a “safe way” to communicate with her.

“I am

,” one note read. “I never wanted to let my thoughts out to an underage person. I would never hurt you or do things against your will. That is not me. I have so so much to give to someone I care about. Why does it have to be you?”

Here’s a photocopy of the note district officials said Samule Fiore gave to a 15-year-old student. (Palm Beach County School District)

On another card he listed “things I like about you!” The card stated: “(1) Your eyes (they are so sexy), (2) your personality: “it is so caring), (3) your body (your curves are spicy).”

The 15-year-old sophomore was alarmed by the notes and reported them to school administrators. Fiore was removed from campus as school district police investigated the incident.

Fiore, now 59, claimed at first that he hadn't intended to give the girl the notes, but a security camera showed him pulling the cards from his pocket and placing them in a bag before handing it to her in a hallway, according to a police report.

Before the incident, Fiore had worked for the school district for 12 years without any discipline problems, records show. Attempts to reach him for comment this week were unsuccessful.

Investigators concluded that Fiore’s actions were not criminal, but violated several school district policies. He resigned in September 2015 as the school district moved to fire him.

Last month the state's education practices commission permanently revoked his teaching license.