Fish bites girl 25 times, causing serious foot damage

DULUTH, Minn. — A Minnesota girl is recovering after a fish bit her multiple times while she was paddleboarding in a lake.

Maren Kesselhon, 11, was with her father Wednesday at Island Lake when the attack occurred, KARE reported. Maren said as she took a dip in the lake, she felt the fish grab her left foot. She said her entire foot was in the fish's mouth.

Maren was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for 25 bites that included nine deep lacerations and tendon damage, KARE reported. Some of the razor-sharp cuts went down to the bone, and are believed to have been caused by a muskie, doctors said.

Maren's father, Ryan Kesselhon, told KARE he plans on going back to the lake to catch the fish and "hang it on my wall."