Ex-NFL player beats up alleged peeping Tom outside daughter's window

Former NFL Player Reportedly Beat Up Alleged Peeping Tom

WELLINGTON, Fla. — An alleged peeping Tom in Florida was left with a fractured cheekbone and eye socket after he looked inside the bedroom window of a girl whose father is a former NFL player.

Geoffrey Cassidy, 48, was arrested Monday on a charge of lewd and lascivious exhibition. His mugshot shows him with a black eye and cut lip.

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Tony Beckham, a 40-year-old former NFL player, told WPBF-TV he was leaving his Wellington home Monday morning when he thought he saw movement near the house.

“I waited for a second and I looked again,” Beckham said. “And I see a white male and he’s standing by my window and he’s trying to get a better position.”

The man, later identified as Cassidy, was looking into the bedroom of Beckham’s 14-year-old daughter. Beckham yelled at Cassidy, who began to run away.

Beckham then chased Cassidy while a neighbor called 911, the Miami Herald reported. Beckham caught up with Cassidy and allegedly tackled him.

When a deputy arrived, Beckham and Cassidy were fighting.

Cassidy reportedly told police his car had broken down, and he was by the house to allow the car to cool down, the Miami Herald reported, citing an arrest affidavit. He couldn’t tell police where the car was or provide them with a phone number, according to the affidavit.

Cassidy was arrested and taken to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured cheekbone and eye socket. He was then taken to the West Detention Center.

“I’m sorry that it happened to me. I’m sorry that it happened to him,” Beckham said. “Because he’s never going to do that again on this side of town.”

Beckham is a former cornerback who played with the Tennessee Titans and the Detroit Lions.