• Creepy Matt Lauer interview with Sandra Bullock, I've ‘seen you naked'

    By: Anna Caplan, Rare.us


    Matt Lauer’s alleged predilection for the ladies had no bounds, according to a recently unearthed 2009 interview the former “Today” anchor did with actress Sandra Bullock.

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    Bullock, who was promoting her film “The Proposal,” sat down for an interview with Lauer, but instead got more than she bargained for when he started off the line of questioning.

    “The major thing that has changed since you were here last,” Lauer began, “is that I have now seen you naked.”

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    Bullock laughed along with Lauer and the off-camera crew, but then he added: “It’s now my screensaver.”

    He then continued to ask her questions about doing nudity for the film, which she clarified she would only do nudity for comedy.

    Lauer was fired Tuesday night — news of it broke early Wednesday — for alleged inappropriate sexual behavior with a colleague. Since his termination, at least five other women have come forward with additional allegations against the ex-anchor.

    After chatting some more about the film, Lauer then came full circle, back to the nudity, asking “Did I mention you have a nude scene in this movie?”

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    Bullock laughed, to which he asked her to “come back more often.”

    “No, not after this interview, no,” the actress replied as Lauer and the crew laughed.

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