‘Come to Ohio,' Gov. John Kasich invited ‘Dreamers' during interview

Ohio Governor John Kasich is pictured here at the White House last Nov. as President Obama welcomed the 2016 NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers. Leigh Vogel/WireImage

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is reacting to President Donald Trump's decision Tuesday to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, in six months.

Kasich a former Republican presidential candidate and outspoken supporter of DACA, said Congress and House Speaker Paul Ryan should work out a plan to allow the 800,000 young people, known as “dreamers,” to remain in the United States as permanent residents.

He called it a simple moral issue.

"It should take like six hours to get this done. And the way I think they need to do it is to get reasonable Republicans and Democrats from the middle and build out a solution to this," Kasich said during an interview on CBS This Morning.

He insisted that such middle-of-the-road reasonable politicians can still be found.

"They are like common sense, normal thinking Americans. They exist," Kasich insisted in the six-minute interview.

The governor said the children and young people in DACA are “contributors” to American society.

“If you were one of these young people, striving to be a part of America and to make something of yourself and all of a sudden somebody tells you one day you may be deported to a country you know nothing about. We want them in America,” Kasich said.

He added "If the Dreamers want to go somewhere and live, come to Ohio. We want all the immigrants to come to Ohio because we know how much they contribute to America."

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