Calls not allowed: Alaska high school bans student cellphones

Alaska high school bans student cell phones

To break the cycle of cellphone addiction and to stop distractions throughout the school day, a high school in Anchorage instituted a cellphone-free policy.

And surprisingly, and after some grumbles, many students at Lumen Christi High School in Anchorage, agree with the rule.

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Junior Caleb Furneri, told KTUU not having a phone in his hand all the time has allowed classmates to interact more.

Students said in addition to more face-to-face socialization, they are burying their noses in their studies instead of their phones.

Lunchtime, which used to be in a silent cafeteria, now is filled with conversations, KTVA reported.

So how does it work, since the students leave home with their devices?

Once the 70 or so students in the school get to homeroom, the phones are put in a labeled organizer where they stay until dismissal, KTUU reported.

If there's an emergency, parents can call the office to get in touch with their child.

Parents were informed of the cellphone policy and overall agreed with the initiative, Principal Brian Ross told KTVA.

If a student doesn't abide by the new rules, the first time the teacher holds the phone and returns it at the end of the day. For a second offense, the phone goes to the office, where a parent has to retrieve it. If there's a third offense, the phone is not allowed to be on campus at all for the rest of the semester, KTVA reported.