Bride shares special day for best friend's surprise proposal

Many brides have to be the full center of attention on their wedding day. But Jess Nakrayko’s spotlight took a backseat for her best friend.

Nakrayko worked with her best friend’s boyfriend for a surprise proposal during her wedding reception a few months ago.

"I have true love with my husband and to see my best friend have that too, of course I wanted to share," Nakrayko told People.

And share she did.

Adam Brake, Jessica Kieley’s boyfriend, popped the question with the bride and groom’s approval.

Instead of the traditional tossing of the bouquet, Nakrayko handed it to Brake and Kieley. Brake was already down on one knee, behind Kieley ready to propose.

Ross Dance Photography was able to get the moment Kieley found out what was going on captured on film.

Kieley and Nakrayko have been friends for decades, going to elementary school together, then becoming best friends in high school.

"Everyone in the entire room was shocked, happy, crying, everything," Nakrayko told People. "It was so worth it and I am so happy that Ross Dance was able to catch the pure, raw emotion."