Bond between donkey, emu may make adoption difficult for NC animal shelter

WATCH: Donkey and Emu's Unlikely Bond Has Animal Rescue In Predicament

A North Carolina wildlife rescue organization has decided to keep Jack, a male donkey, and Diane, a female emu, together because they've reportedly fallen in love.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail, North Carolina, said Jack and Diane are "very bonded," and it's in the animals' best interest to keep them together.

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We are excited to introduce Jack and Diane. A story where two creatures with different looks, backgrounds and even breeds learn to stand together, protect each other and love.

Posted by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue on Thursday, November 8, 2018

In a Facebook post, rescuers said the donkey is protective of the emu, and their story is one in which "two creatures with different looks, backgrounds and even breeds learn to stand together, protect each other and love."

Rescuers said that when they tried to separate Jack and Diane, the pair, did not get along with other emus or donkeys.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue officials said they rescued the pair along with several other animals on Monday.

Here is some videos of Jack and Diane. We are getting a lot if messages right now and ask that people interested in adopting email the phone lines are for injured birds and they do not have information on animals for adoption. Media, you may use our pictures and video as long as you give us credit. We are amazed at how far reaching this story is!! Some other questions we are getting asked do they cuddle or snuggle. While they huddled together for the trailer ride home donkeys and Emus by nature really dont cuddle or snuggle. So you wont really see pictures of them doing this. Inwishbinhad taken one when we unloaded but it was late and they were stressed. We determined they were bonded based on the behaviour when they were separated. Also Jack attacked another donkey who got NEAR Diane. He is protective of her. We tried letting Diane near our emu Dino and we struck out again. They.are perfectly happy together. Jack does not want any other donkeys near him or Diane. They cant be housed with other donkeys or emus. I think all the hoopla is tiring them out and we have asked for a break for them. This is a new place and they havent had a ton of human contact. They are friendly but not used to this traffic. Donations for their rescue and of other animals are greatly needed. for info on donating.

Posted by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue on Thursday, November 8, 2018

The shelter said the close bond between Jack and Diane may complicate an adoption, because rescuers are looking for a permanent home where Jack and Diane can stay together.

Anyone interested in adopting them is asked to visit Carolina Waterfowl Rescue's website here. The rescue also requires those interested to send photos of their farm to

The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said that they would love to keep the pair, but are in the process of fundraising for a bigger property.

If you want to donate to help with the expansion, visit the website here.