3 arrested after 3-year-old drinks soda spiked with meth, police say

GRANTSVILLE, Utah — A mother and her two siblings are facing charges after a 3-year-old girl accidentally ingested methamphetamine that had been mixed into soda and poured into a water bottle while the siblings partied last month, police said Monday.

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Authorities arrested the girl's mother, 30-year-old Lucinda Black, and her siblings, 27-year-old Ashley Black and 23-year-old Danie Black, after being called by employees at the emergency room at Mountain West Medical Center, KTVX reported.

In a probable cause statement obtained by the news station, Grantsville police said the child's guardian, identified in court records as her grandmother, said she took the girl to the emergency room after the 3-year-old started acting strangely. She said her son and daughter, the girl's aunt and uncle, said that the child "started acting weird after she drank from a water bottle with soda in it."

Investigators went to the trailer park where the 3-year-old was before her grandmother took her to the hospital, where they found two women and a man identified as the Blacks.

On December 30, 2017 Grantsville officers were advised that a three-year-old child was in the emergency room at Mountain...

Posted by Grantsville City Police Department on Monday, January 8, 2018

Police said Danie Black agreed to speak with investigators after he tested positive for recent meth use.

“He stated that his sisters, Lucinda and Ashley Black, gave him meth and that the bottle (that the 3-year-old drank from) belonged to Lucinda or Ashley,” authorities said in court records. “(He said) Lucinda and Ashley would always mix him drinks with meth in them.”

The trio was taken into custody. Police said that after a urine test proved Ashley Black had meth in her system, she told investigators she gave Lucinda Black methamphetamine and that her sister showed up at their mother’s house a short while later carrying a water bottle with soda in it.

“(Ashley Black) said after a few minutes, Lucinda started freaking out as she was looking for her bottle, because she could not find it,” police said.

In court records, Detective Lydon Allred said the siblings gave conflicting stories and tried to blame the incident on each other, “but I was able to show that Ashley gave the meth to Lucinda and that Lucinda put it in the bottle, which she took to her mother's where the 3-year-old consumed the meth by accident.”

The trio was arrested on charges that included child endangerment and child abuse. Police said they could also face additional charges.