2 troopers on leave after video shows police punching suspect

NASHUA, N.H. — Two state troopers are on leave after video from a WFXT helicopter showed police punching a suspect at the end of a chase.

One of the troopers works for New Hampshire State Police while the second works for Massachusetts State Police.

"The events of Wednesday evening are disturbing," said Robert L Quinn with New Hampshire State Police.

The New Hampshire trooper is on unpaid leave and New Hampshire State Police said there will be a full investigation. The New Hampshire Attorney General's office said they are launching a criminal investigation into the arrest of Richard Simone.  The N.H. Attorney General said authorities will determine if the use of force violated any provisions of the criminal code.

"I share concern that everybody has when they watch that footage. but what is also really important is that a thorough complete investigation take place," New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan said.

The Massachusetts State Police trooper has an internal hearing scheduled for Friday and that will determine if he is placed on modified duty during the investigation. He is currently being paid, but the outcome of the hearing could change that.

The suspect, Richard Simone, went before a judge Thursday for the chase. He had a bruised left eye and visible stitches to his left ear.

Simone has a lengthy criminal record, dating back to 1999. Days earlier in Millbury, Massachusetts, he tried to ram an officer's car, court records show. Other charges include shoplifting, drug possession and assault with a dangerous weapon.

The names of the troopers involved will not be released, since it is an active investigation.