Transgender bathroom bill goes through Oklahoma legislature, awaits Stitt’s signature

Okla. — An Oklahoma Bill, that requires students to only use the bathroom of the sex listed on their birth certificate, has passed through the Senate and House and is now headed to Stitt’s desk.

The Senate and House voted 38-7 and 69-14 respectively.

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The Bill will require every public school and public charter school restroom or changing area, except for single-occupancy, to be designated for exclusive use of male or female sex.

The Bill defines ‘sex’ as “the physical condition of being male or female based on genetics and physiology, as identified on the individual’s original birth certificate.”

Schools will also provide reasonable accommodations to any individual who does not wish to comply with these new requirements.

Per the Bill, reasonable accommodation is “access to a single occupancy restroom or changing room.”

This Bill will not apply for custodial, maintenance, inspection purposes or to render emergency medical assistance.

Schools will adopt a policy to provide disciplinary action for individuals who refuse to comply with the Bill.

No school district board of education or charter school governing board will adopt a policy contrary to the Bill.

If found to be noncompliant by the State Board of Education, the noncompliant school district or public charter school shall receive a 5% decrease in state funding for the fiscal year following the year of noncompliance.

Parents or legal guardians of students will be able to sue public school districts or public charter schools for noncompliance.

If approved, the Bill will take effect and be in full force immediately.

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Nicole McAfee, Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director, said:

“Oklahoma students, especially trans, Two Spirit, and gender diverse students, are yet again being bullied by our lawmakers. Trans identities are minimized to extremist talking points to move policy for the sake of cruelty. If this Bill becomes law, there will be consequences measured in very real harm to the students whose safety this Bill puts at risk. And we won’t forget those who allowed this harm to pass.”