• Officials: Heavy rain likely to blame for Oklahoma train derailment

    By: Jackie DelPilar


    SEQUOYAH COUNTY, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Officials say a train derailment in Sequoyah County prompted evacuations Sunday.
    • They say around 10 cars went off the rails Sunday morning on Central High Road east of Sallisaw and north of Highway 64.
    • No one was injured.
    • Six cars reportedly contained liquid petroleum gas, but officials say there were no leaks.
    • Around five area homes were evacuated. Families were soon allowed to return home.
    • Officials say there was no other damage. Heavy rain washing away the ground under the track is the most likely reason for the accident, according to officials.
    • Central Public Schools is closed Monday and Tuesday due to the train derailment and heavy rainfall 
    • Union Pacific estimates 2 weeks for track repairs; the timeline could be longer if rain continues in the area
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