Copperhead snake bites Green Country toddler

VIDEO: Green Country toddler bitten by copperhead snake

KELLYVILLE, Okl. — We've been closely following the increase of copperheads in Green Country.


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  • Jillian Roth told FOX23 a copperhead snake bit her 2-year-old daughter Finley last week.
  • She says her family owns a large property in Kellyville and snakes have always been a part of their life.
  • Finley was walking in the grass to her dad when the snake bit her. They thought she stepped on something until they noticed her swollen foot and after a visit to St. Francis, they were told it was a snake bite
  • After doses of anti-venom and days in the hospital, Finley is recovering.
  • The family found and killed 17 snakes in the area since Finley's incident.
  • Wildlife experts say the large amount of copperheads are out in the evenings because they're feeding on the cicadas. So you'll find them at the base of trees looking for the bugs.

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