Massive tire flies into home near Highway 412, goes unclaimed

VIDEO: Massive tire flies into local man's home

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A massive tire flew into Jim Crews' home Friday.
  • He said no one was hurt.
  • No one has claimed the tire.

A 120-pound tire left a hole in the side of one home in west Tulsa near Highway 412.

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On Friday night, Jim Crews, the homeowner, was heading inside from the garage when he heard a loud noise.

"As I got to the door, I just heard this loud bang and stuff flying everywhere, and I thought there was a wreck on the highway," says Crews.

Crews found out it wasn't a wreck when he saw a tire beside his house.

Although his family was inside, no one was injured.

Crews caught the tire flying from Highway 412 and crashing into his home on video using his surveillance cameras.

He does have insurance to cover all the damage.

"They're supposed to come out tomorrow and take a look and evaluate it," he said

Police have ran searches to see if a truck company is missing a tire, but they haven't found one yet.