Three semi-trucks roll over this year on IDL exit, nearly the total of 2019 and 2020

TULSA, Okla. — There have been three semi-truck rollover accidents in the northwest corridor of the IDL on I-244 merging westbound on Highway 412 in 2022.

In 2019 – 2020 there were four.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) said the cause is likely speed while rounding the curve.

FOX23 spoke with Casey Rogers is an instructor for the Arbuckle Truck Driving School. He agreed that speed is likely the cause.

“Take it slow. That’s it. Take it as slow as you can,” Rogers said. “We should go five miles per hour below whatever that speed is.”

Two semi-trucks overturned this May of this year and another turned over last Sunday, spilling a load of cranberry juice down the ramp.

As of Wednesday, there is no visible highway lighting on the exit, but TJ Gerlach with ODOT said the signage in place is more than what is legally required.

“We have a warning sign in there, the chevron sign around the curve and we have that 25 miles per hour posted advisory speed for the curve itself and we need drivers to heed that,” Gerlach said. “We actually exceed federal regulations, in fact, after the most recent wreck in May or June we added an extra sign and made it oversized added a flashing beacon on top of it.”

Rogers said his school makes sure students pay attention to the signs on Oklahoma roads, but also roads they are not familiar with.

As of 2021, drivers under the age of 21 can now drive outside the state of Oklahoma. A spokesperson with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said many truck companies have not been hiring people under 21 because of the amount of probationary and supervised training that must be done once they complete the training.

In 2019 and 2020 there were more than 10,000 semi-truck accidents in Oklahoma. 131 were drivers under the age of 21.

FOX23 searched truck job listings and found that some even required you to be 22.

None of the rollovers on the Northwest IDL interchange heading from I-244 to Highway 412 were drivers under the age of 25.