Three arrested after Facebook Marketplace robbery in north Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — Three suspected robbers are off the street thanks to a victim's quick thinking, according to Tulsa police.

Officials said the suspects responded to a for-sale ad on Facebook Marketplace and asked to meet the seller of a Playstation 4 at a home in north Tulsa.

When the victims arrived, one felt that the situation was suspicious when she realized the house was abandoned. She decided to stay in the car and take video of the sale, police said.

Shortly after they arrived, the suspects are accused of robbing the victims at gunpoint. Officers recognized the suspects in the video and tracked them down after investigating on Facebook.

Byron Daniels and Trevon Griffin were found hiding in the attic with the gaming system, according to police. A third person, Ralph Oliver, told police he did not know the other two and claimed someone set up the robbery through his Facebook account. He was also arrested.

Investigators said they found evidence in the house from a similar robbery and shooting that happened last week during an attempted gun sale. Police said the suspected shooter in that case was not at the home, but they believe evidence collected will help with the investigation.

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