• This small Oklahoma town's entire police department has resigned


    DEPEW, Okla. - The entire police department of a small Oklahoma town has resigned.

    Depew, Oklahoma, had 476 residents during the last census count, and now has three fewer police officers.

    Two of the officers worked full time. One of them only worked part time.

    The officers resigned because they felt they have been targeted by members of the Depew Board of Trustees. Other city employees reportedly feel the same.

    They say they felt board members targeted them over reasons related to appearance and personal life matters. The city clerk said there has been miscommunication between the board and police.

    Board members plan to address the controversy with the public during a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

    During the transition, the Creek County Sheriff’s Office will take all law enforcement-related calls in Depew.

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