Thief ruins Christmas for a Broken Arrow family

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A Broken Arrow family said their Christmas was ruined, after a dirt bike was stolen out of the garage on Christmas day.

The motorcycle was taken while the family ate their Christmas dinner.

Kyden Weight saved up $3,000 for the brand new 2022 red CRF 110 dirt bike, but just hours after riding it on Christmas morning, someone stole it out of the garage at his parents’ house, while they were eating Christmas dinner.

“I Opened the garage door, still not there. Checked the back of my dad’s truck, wasn’t it in the back of my dad’s truck. That’s when it set in, ran inside started you know kind of screaming where’s my dirt bike,” said Kyden.

They got hold of video from the neighbor’s cameras, while the family was cutting into their turkey, someone sneaks into the garage, grabs the bike and loads it into the back of an SUV.

Kydens mom, Renee, said they can’t believe anyone would do this, especially on Christmas Day.

“It was like getting sucker punched at the end of the day and I just saw the look in my husband’s face you know basically the joy just drained out of his face and that look of disbelief,” said Renee.

Kyden told us he’s devastated.

“It just kinda sucks, still wake up every morning just laying in bed searching marketplace just hoping someone’s trying to sell it or see it or just get some kind of lead or something like that,” said Kyden.

The bike had Kydens name on the front plate and 192 which was his dirt bike number and they’re just hoping that they can get it back.

The family have put a post on Facebook about it and it’s been shared around a 1,000 times already, they’re asking for us to keep a look out for it.