The Oklahoma Aquarium to add two new features

VIDEO: New exhibit coming to Oklahoma Aquarium


  • The Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks will soon add two new features.
  • Staff is working on a new octopus exhibit and a state of the art all-inclusive playground near the Riverwalk.
  • Officials told FOX23 unlike many aquariums, their exhibits are exclusively designed and built by their own staff to add a unique touch like any other.
  • The aquarium's CEO says they have already moved their octopus to the Denver Aquarium as work begins on the new one which is about five times larger than the old exhibit
  • The aquarium has helped Jenks and the River Walk area grow since its opening and has been a huge benefit for the community, according to officials.
  • The octopus exhibit is expected to open the fall of 2019, and the playground is expected to open this summer.
  • Officials say community support and donations are the reason they are able to keep creating new developments at the aquarium.

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