Both men arrested in terrifying dispensary robbery that was caught on camera

OOLOGAH, Okla. — UPDATE 2/18/22: The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office arrested Chris and Eric Hulsman in connection with the Oologah dispensary robbery. The sheriff’s department was assisted by members of Tulsa Police Department, Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit, and enforcement personnel with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

A victim was pistol whipped and zip tied and an armed robbery at the Pipe Dreams dispensary in Oologah off of Highway 169 on Feb. 5.

Trenton Treat says the entire situation was terrifying, it all started Saturday evening when he was working.

“I was sitting at the desk - getting ready to close - it happened at 8:55 - 5 mins to close,” Treat said. “I looked up at the camera and saw somebody come in.”

Treat was zip tied with his hands behind his back and with a huge gash in his head from the robbers pistol.

“He told me do not move or I will kill you,” he said. “I most certainly I think I was going die.”

Treat knew that he had to call for help.

“I thought I gotta get up off the floor - get to a phone and call 911,″ he said.

He managed to call 911 with his iPhone while his hands were still zip tied behind his back using the mirror in the bathroom to see the numbers.

The robbers had left by then and Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton showed up moments later.

“With their actions displayed there - if things would have been a little bit different they would have killed a man,” Walton said.

Walton says there’s not many robberies in Rogers County. He tells me the county average is about three robberies per year.

He does say though they see plenty of theft, burglary and other crimes reported at dispensaries.

With Rogers County having such a low robbery rate, Walton intends to keep it that way.

“If we don’t catch them they will it again and I certainly do believe that we will have them in handcuffs,” said Walton.

As for Treat, he says he’s going to be more alert in the future. He tells us that he is a new dad of a one month old baby girl and he feels blessed to have made it home to her Saturday.

“I will start carryin - I will be more alert,” said Treat.

The owners of the store told FOX23 that the robbers didn’t make off with much just some cash and a little product.

If you know anything about the Robbery please contact Rodgers county sheriff tip line at 918-341-3620.