• Teen charged with murder, robbery, rape after deadly shooting in south Tulsa


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Police arrested 16-year-old Deonte Green.
    • Police believe Green shot and killed a Broken Arrow in a south Tulsa home Sunday.
    • They say Green also kidnapped an elderly couple, forced them to withdraw money from an ATM and then raped the woman Sunday morning.
    • The victim of the deadly shooting was identified as Matthew Shane Anderson 
      Broken Arrow Public Schools
    • On Friday, Green was charged with murder, robbery, rape and more.


    A 16-year-old is in custody and charged after police say he went on a deadly crime spree in south Tulsa.

    Deonte Green is accused of killing a man during what police believe was random robbery attempt in south Tulsa Sunday.

    Around 12:30 p.m., a woman and two children were leaving their home near 71st and Mingo when Green, who lived in a neighborhood apartment complex, allegedly confronted them and pushed them back into the house.

    When the woman's husband, Broken Arrow school teacher Matthew Shane Anderson, heard what was happening, he came downstairs to confront the suspected robber.

    Police say Green then shot and killed Anderson in front of his family. 

    Green was arrested overnight Sunday.

    FOX23 learned that police believe Green is also responsible for kidnapping an elderly couple in the same neighborhood Sunday morning. 

    Officials say he took the couple to an area ATM and forced the man to withdraw money. They believe he also sexually harassed and assaulted the woman at the Incredible Pizza near 71st and Memorial before bringing the couple home and raping the woman.

    Sgt. Dave Walker says Green was remorseful during his interview with detectives, but Walker says the suspect didn’t admit to the sexual abuse to the elderly woman.

    Before Sunday's alleged crime spree, police say Green was involved a number of other crimes, most of which were involved the elderly and took place near 71st and Memorial:

    • On August 23, police say Green stole a 64-year-old man's car near 61st and Memorial.
    • That same day, police believe he robbed a 43-year-old near Mingo.
    • On September 30, police say Green was involved in a home invasion robbery of an 86-year-old man and a 78-year-old woman.
    • Armed Robbery Sgt. Brandon Watkins says Green was responsible for robbing a Dominos, a Taco Bell and a woman in her driveway.
    • Watkins believes Green was also behind an area home invasion.
    • The burglaries department says they are investigating several other crimes committed by Green.

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