• Teen accused of dumping trash illegally avoids charges, fine after parents' punishment

    By: Amber Hughes


    TULSA, Okla. - QUICK FACTs:

    • Wagoner County's Environmental Quality Deputy Michelle Casady says she found multiple bags of trash scattered in the trees at Coal Creek on Monday.
    • The investigation lead her to the Greer farm in Wagoner County about two miles away from the creek. Missy Greer told FOX23 that her 17-year-old son admitted to dumping the family trash there as he was in a hurry.
    • The teen's parents then made him go clean up his mess and other trash left at the creek, load it in his brand new car and take it to the dump.
    • Deputies say the teen avoided a misdemeanor charge and a fine by just cleaning up his mess. His mother hopes others learn for her son's mistake.

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