Ted Turner turns over Bluestem Ranch to Osage Nation

HOMINY, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Turner Broadcasting, owned 43,000 acres of former Osage Land
  • Wednesday, Turner officially transfers ownership of the Bluestem Ranch to the Osage Nation
  • The Osage Nation announced in June it would pay $74 million for the ranch
  • Turner and Geoffrey Standing Bear, Chief of the Osage Nation, will be present, along with other Osage dignitaries, tribe members and representatives from other tribes
  • WATCH the attached video for Preston Jones' full report
Land once owned by the Osage Nation returns to their hands Wednesday.
The tribe purchased the Bluestem Ranch from CNN and Turner Broadcasting founder from Ted Turner.
The 43,000 acre ranch in Hominy left the hands of the Osage Nation more than 100 years ago in a sale. Turner sold it back to the tribe fore $74 million.
FOX23 spoke with Principal Chief Standing Bear, who said he received 12 proposals on what to do with the land.
The tribe intends to continue land preservation efforts championed by Turner, as well as the Bison business Turner operated.
They also hope to add fishing, hunting and more commercial bison services for profit.
The nation plans to apply for Federal Indian Reserve status from the federal government for that land. If granted, the Bluestem Ranch could never be sold or given away again.
Ted Turner says he sold the land to consolidate, as the rest of his bison operations clustered Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota. 


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