• Teachers to make up majority of Union job cuts

    By: Jonathan McCall


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Union is set to make millions in budget cuts.
    • The cuts will affect more than 45 positions at the school through attrition.
    • The district is looking into other ways to cut money.


    Union Public Schools has approved millions in budget cuts.

    The move comes just hours after Broken Arrow schools approved over $7 million in cuts and just days after Tulsa Public Schools did likewise.

    Union Public Schools is set to cut $5.2 million or five percent of the budget by eliminating more than 45 positions.

    Around 25 of those positions will be teachers.

    Four administrators and 16 support positions.

    All the cuts will be made through attrition.

    The district is also looking at bus routes to find ways to save on fuel and parts.

    They said they may also regroup and make more cuts.

    Salary reductions and other cuts may be made as well.

    Any programs operated before or after school will have to pay expenses directly.

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