• Tahlequah officials concerned about needles found near city parks

    By: Mariah Ellis



    • The city of Tahlequah has seen a rise in dirty hypodermic needles being found near city parks.
    • Tahlequah Fire Department officials say they have spotted some near their property and others have been located at parks including Ross Park and Sequoyah Park.
    • The TFD chief says with the weather getting warmer, multiple departments are stepping up to tackle this issue that has become a bigger problem over the last year.
    • Officials told FOX23 although the potential of getting a disease like HIV, Hep B or C from the needles is low, there is still a hazard to the public.
    • A new “sharps container” will be placed to help dispose of the needles properly. Officials recommend that if residents find a needle, to call the fire or police department to remove it safely.

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