Suspect turns self in after 2011 Osage County cold case featured in national TV show

OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. — Osage County sheriff’s deputies said a nearly 8-year-old cold case has been solved, in part because of the help from a national TV show.

Investigators said Donna Wilson was reported missing from the Prue area in February 2011. A body was found burned inside a bus as part of an arson case six months later. The bus was on the property where Wilson lived.

Investigators said there were signs of foul play in the remains. The body was badly decomposed, and then the fire made it impossible to extract enough DNA to get a match. A forensics lab was able to determine the body belongs to a woman who matches Wilson’s profile, and investigators are confident that it is her.

The case had remained unsolved until this summer, when the makers of the "Cold Justice" television show stepped in.

The show used advanced technology and worked with investigators to help solve the crime.

Deputies said Dustin Koelliker killed Wilson and burned her body to hide the evidence. They do not know a motive for the crime, but they do know the two were romantically involved.

Investigators found Wilson’s personal property at Koelliker’s house and saw he used her credit cards after she died.

Charges were filed this summer, and a warrant was issued for Koelliker’s arrest in Wilson’s murder. He turned himself in to Osage County Jail on Monday.

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