Liquor store owner talks to FOX23 after shooting, robbery

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa robbery suspect is booked on 10 charges after a shooting and attempted robbery at a liquor store last Thursday night, according to police.

Tyrone Lee faces 10 charges for a series of armed robberies.  Lee was just released from the hospital after a shooting at an east Tulsa liquor store.

It happened near 14th and Memorial at Forest Acres Liquor. Police told FOX23 the suspect was armed with a shotgun and attempted to rob the store.

A woman working at the store was assaulted, but shot the suspect. She talked to FOX23 on Monday.

CLICK HERE to watch her full interview.

FOX23 received the surveillance footage of the incident. CAUTION: This video may be upsetting

EMSA treated the woman for injuries. The suspect was taken to the hospital. An earlier version of this story had information from police indicating the suspect died. Officials confirmed that he is not dead and apologized for the mistake.

Police believe the suspect is connected to a series of sawed-off shotgun robberies across Tulsa.

Friday morning, police identified the suspect as Tyrone Lee. He faces 10 counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon.




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