Suspect description created in 13-year-old case

Suspect description created in 13-year-old case

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Brittany Phillips died in 2004 in an apparent rape and murder case
  • She died days before her 19th birthday inside her apartment
  • Police recently created a suspect description using DNA collected at the scene

Police believe they made a big crack in an 13-year-old case.

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They've been searching since 2004 for the person who killed Brittany Phillips just before she turned 19.

She was last known to be alive Sept. 27, 2004. She came back to her apartment after a class at Tulsa Community College.

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Thursday, Tulsa Police revealed they have a possible suspect description.




They released a phenotype report, showing the man was likely a white male with darker blond/brown hair and eyes that could be blue or green.

The composite shows what the suspect would have looked like at age 25, but the age of the suspect is not known.

Tulsa police credited Phillips' mother, Margaret Zingman, with efforts to get more information. She drivers her "Caravan to Catch a Killer", an SUV with information on how to report tips about the death.

Phillips' case was part of a push in Oklahoma to allow DNA collection upon arrests.

Anyone with information about the death of Brittany Phillips should call Crime Stoppers or the Homicide Tip Line at 918-798-8477.

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