Suspect accused of assaulting Tulsa officer, caught with retired officer's lost ID

Man accused of trying to assault police arrested

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police arrested a man after finding some suspicious items in his car

Officers stopped the driver near 9th and Sheridan Wednesday night for broken taillights.

Police said when they looked in the car, they spotted an Oklahoma license that belonged to a retired Tulsa officer.

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Police said suspect Marico Ferrick started acting aggressively toward officers. He tried headbutting an officer, and spit in his face. Officers used pepper spray to get him into handcuffs.

Officers later learned the retired officer lost her ID earlier this month. Police don’t know how Ferrick got the ID or why he held on to it.

Ferrick is facing charges for assaulting the officer, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, and not having a driver’s license. He’s also facing a charge for “unlawful use of a license,” for having the retired officer’s license without permission.

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