Suspect arrested after east Tulsa assault

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • A woman woke up to find a stranger on top of her
  • Tulsa police arrested Adrian Alverez in connection to the case
  • Alverez faces burglary, attempted rape and false impersonation charges

Tulsa police believe they solved an attempted rape case after arresting a man at his apartment.

The investigation began Monday morning, when a woman woke to find a stranger on top of her. He allegedly attempted to rape her before she screamed and her boyfriend woke up.

The suspect left a shoe behind and the scene.

Police saw the suspect walking around the home and the victim’s sister recognized the shoe as belonging to an ex-boyfriend.

The sister told police where the suspect lived, and officers found the victim’s cell phone near the suspect’s apartment.

The suspect gave police a fake ID card and agreed to a search. Officers allegedly found a stolen gun and arrested the man, later identified as Adrian Alverez.

During the investigation the suspect gave officers permission to take DNA samples and eventually admitted to assaulting the victim, telling police “If I would have asked, she would have said no.”

He allegedly sold her cell phone to a friend and claimed he bought the stolen gun from a friend.

Alverez was booked on burglary, attempted rape, knowingly concealing stolen property and false impersonation charges.


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