• Survey: 20% of Tulsa's homeless can't afford housing even with full-time job

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - A new survey of Tulsa’s homeless community found 20% of them work full-time jobs but still can’t afford housing.

    The Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa conducted the survey and said the average person looking for a two bedroom apartment needs to make at least $16 an hour to afford adequate housing in the Tulsa metro area.

    Many of Tulsa's homeless either sleep in emergency shelters or on the street because they can't bring their entire family with them into certain places, including pets, the survey said.

    When the group studied immediate needs, housing surpassed health care for Tulsa's homeless community.

    A Way Home For Tulsa is a collaboration of 30 different local organizations working together to try to find permanent housing solutions for the homeless community. They hope the survey will help city leaders recognize that though there may be jobs plenty of jobs available, it doesn't mean all the jobs are enough to provide basic needs for everyone.

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