Tulsa police: Man accusing officer of harassment on 'Live PD' could have just walked away

Man accused Tulsa police of harassment during TV taping

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Randy Wallace claims Tulsa police officers harassed him on "Live PD"
  • Wallace shared his side of the story in a news conference- scroll down to view
  • The Tulsa Police Department responded saying Wallace could have just walked away
  • TPD recently declined to renew their contract with the show

A man who claims Tulsa police officers harassed him on "Live PD" is sharing his story.

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Randy Wallace's appearance on the A&E show went viral after it showed him arguing with an officer and getting upset.

Wednesday, Wallace and representatives from We the People Oklahoma hosted a press conference to discuss the issue.

WATCH: FOX23 was there when Wallace told his side of the story

Subject of viral Live PD video speaks out

Subject of viral Live PD video speaks out

Posted by FOX23 News on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wallace claims he was harassed as many as five times by the unit and the show in one month's time.

He says that though he has never been convicted of gang crimes, an officer approached him just because he was wearing a blue shirt.

Wallace says he was confused by producers from the show who approached him with disclosure paperwork. He says he did not think he would be portrayed the way he was portrayed after A&E gave him $40 to sign the paperwork and appear on the show.

He says that video shows a Tulsa police officer telling him that only people that don't sign paperwork are guilty.

WATCH: FOX23 got a look at that video clip

He told reporters he suffers from bipolar disorder, which led to his aggression and a car crash around the same time.

Tulsa police recently decline to renew their contract with the show.

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They responded to Wallace's claims, saying he has a criminal record and that though they do use tattoos and colors to help identify gang members, they do not approach someone for that reason alone.

Officers told FOX23 it is legal for them to make consensual approaches to people, and Wallace could have walked away at any time like others have done.

See a full statement from police:

"Regarding this morning's press conference by We the People and Mr. Wallace.
The entire encounter between Wallace and Sgt. Larkin was grossly misrepresented.
The encounter was a casual contact initiated by Larkin who did not exhibit an aggressive enforcement style posture and in fact remained seated in his vehicle. His only statement to the individuals by a car with the trunk open was "What's in the trunk guys?" The other individual with Wallace chose to walk away as Wallace could have also done. He was in no way detained and was free to leave. Once Wallace went into his rant, Larkin attempted to deescalate the situation to no avail and ultimately ended the encounter and drove away.
There were no indications of racial bias or harassment during the encounter.
In Wallace's own video from earlier, the officers talking to Wallace after he approached them were courteous and respectful.
The assertion that officers were paid by Live PD is absurd and patently false. The only person paid by the production company was Wallace who demanded $40 to sign the release so that they could use him in the video.
Mr. Wallace's own video that he played at the press conference confirmed that Larkin told him that they had nothing to do with any contracts and that he should talk to the camera crew.
I am approached regularly by north Tulsa citizens who wish to air concerns and improve relationships in the community. In other words, to find solutions.
Mr. Lewis does not choose to contact me or the Internal Affairs Unit to express concerns."

A second Tulsa incident on the show also went viral recently. Read more HERE. 

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