• Study ranks Mary Fallin as least popular governor in US


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    • A Morning Consult survey ranks Mary Fallin as the least popular governor in America.
    • The study was conducted between April and July.
    • Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is ranked as the most popular governor.

    TULSA, Okla. - A Morning Consult survey conducted from April through the end of June found Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin to be the least popular governor in America.

    The group said is used 326,051 surveys among those registered to vote in the United States.

    Fallin ranked as the least popular governor, with a 74 percent disapproval rate. She is followed by Dan Malloy, of Connecticut, and Bruce Rauner, of Illinois.

    According to the survey results, the most popular U.S. governor is Charlie Baker, of Massachusetts, followed by Larry Hogan, of Maryland, and Kay Ivey, of Alabama.

    See the full rankings and more of Morning Consult’s results here.

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