• Judge denies request to remove Rogers County District Attorney from Bixby assault case


    BIXBY, Okla. - UPDATE 1/18/2019 – A juvenile court judge has dismissed this case.

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    A Tuesday hearing covered the trial of four Bixby football players accused in a sexual assault case.

    Tuesday’s hearing was about whether or not the the Rogers County District Attorney should step away from the case.

    Before court proceedings, the judge held a brief hearing where all parties agreed it was OK for the teens accused to be absent from Tuesday’s hearing.

    Defense attorneys spent the morning questioning the Rogers County District Attorney on his knowledge about the personal and professional relationship the alleged victim’s family member had with members of the Rogers County’s legal team.

    Ballard testified he was aware of these professional and private relationships this individual had, but he didn’t see it as a conflict.

    The judge denied the defendant's request to have the district attorney removed.

    Testimony continues with the principal of Bixby High School and the athletic director.

    Defense attorney Clark Brewster wants investigators to return a phone to his client, Samuel Lakin

    Investigators say they found data on it relevant to the case; Brewster says he wants to make sure no evidence was tampered with.

    Defense attorneys questioned the Rogers County District Attorney about alleged personal and professional relationships between the district attorney's legal team and the alleged victim's family.

    FOX23 has a team in court following proceedings; check this story for the latest.

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