• Suspect in custody after stabbing at Luther High School


    LUTHER, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office says one student stabbed another student at Luther High School.
    • Investigators say a 14-year old boy stabbed a 14-year old girl 9-11 times because she did not return his romantic feelings.
    • Police took the boy to a juvenile detention facility.
    • The stabbing happened on the first day of classes in Luther.

    A student is recovering after a stabbing at Luther High School last week.

    The Oklahoma County Sheriff's office told FOX23 a freshman teen stabbed another freshman student on the first day of classes in the district. 

    The girl is expected to be okay.  Officials told FOX23 the stabbing took place because the girl did not have a romantic interest in the boy. 

    Luther Police Chief David Randall gave an update on the situation the day it happened: 

    Luther Public Schools posted this statement on their website shortly after the incident:

    "There was an incident at the High School Assembly this morning at the Auditorium.  The situation is under control, the students at the high school are safe.  More info to come later."

    In a news conference the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office said a 14-year old teen boy stabbed a 14-year old teen girl. Luther police later said the girl was stabbed 9-11 times.

    The victim was taken by helicopter to OU medical Center. Police said they took the boy to a juvenile detention facility.

    The school's superintendent Barry Gunn told FOX23 a teacher subdued the boy and took the knife. Other teachers gave the girl CPR while they waited for first responders.

    Police said the boy used a folding knife with a serrated edge that was about four inches long.

    Gunn said the school does not have a school resource officer, but they are in still in the process of getting one in place.

    Counselors will be available on site at the school for at least a week.

    Students' backpacks were searched on their way back into the high school. Parents arrived to pick many their kids up, but school is expected to continue like normal.

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