Alleged Tulsa theft ring leader re-arrested, bond raised

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police say they have arrested the alleged ringleader of a theft ring.
  • They say Chase Young and others were stealing from storage facilities and industrial businesses.
  • He was arrested after a storage facility employee reportedly saw him hitching a trailer that didn't belong to him.
  • Days later, police said he was re-arrested after someone saw him on a stolen motorcycle at another storage facility.

Tulsa police say a storage facility employee's watchful eye helped them uncover a major theft ring in town.

Burglary detectives arrested Chase Young last week, and now they are working to add seven more theft counts to his case.

Detectives believe Young was the ringleader of a group targeting self-storage facilities and industrial businesses in town.

Police say Young had a storage unit at Secure Care near 43rd and Mingo and Alcatraz near 21st and 129th East Avenue.

They believe he and the others were using a saw to cut holes into more than 100 storage units at other facilities across town in order to steal people's stuff.

Police say he was caught when an employee at a south Tulsa Secure Care noticed him attaching someone else’s trailer to his truck.

Police arrested him for possession of the stolen trailer and served a search warrant on his storage unit shortly after.

They say that is when they found it was full of stolen stuff.

Police say Young also used bolt cutters to get into industrial business parking lots so that he could steal from their work trucks.

Young bonded out of jail, but was re-arrested after someone reportedly saw him on a stolen motorcycle at another storage facility Friday. His bond was raised to $20,000.

No one else in the alleged group has been arrested.


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