• Stillwater police investigate deadly shooting downtown

    By: Carson Colvin


    Just before noon Wednesday, Stillwater police responded to a shooting near 7th and Main after receiving a call from a local bail bondsman saying that she had just shot a man. 

    Stillwater police said it happened on the third floor of the Town Center building. 

    Police said preliminary information indicates that the bondsman called a client into her office intending to take him into custody to revoke his bond. 

    Initial statements indicate during that meeting, a fight broke out in the office over a gun and the client was shot. 

    The bondsman called 9-1-1 to report the incident. 

    The gunshot victim was pronounced dead at the scene. 

    Thursday morning, Investigators identified the suspect as Chasity Carey, 41. The victim was identified as Brandon Williams, 38. 

    Carey faces a murder charge. 

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