• Stats show drop in Tulsa felonies despite high homicide numbers

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Tulsa is approaching what could be its deadliest year, as far as homicides are concerned.
    • Other felonies in Tulsa are down 13 percent.
    • Police say rumors paint the relatively safe city as a dangerous place.


    Even though Tulsa is approaching what could be its deadliest year when it comes to the number of homicides there, Tulsa police crime statistics actually show crime is down.

    Tulsa police officer Jeanne MacKenzie said data from January through September 2017 shows that the crime numbers for other felonies, such as rape, robbery and assault, are down 13 percent for the year.

    MacKenzie said the number comes as some new proactive programs have been put in place to address things like domestic violence, and police are making more of an effort to be seen around town and in neighborhoods to make their presence known.

    Tulsa police are also seeing a funding boost from Vision Tulsa, which will hire 180 new police officers over the next two years. MacKenzie told FOX23 that boost will get even more officers working in more specific communities and interacting with residents instead of jumping from call to call.

    The 13 percent decrease only accounts for non-homicide felony crimes in Tulsa in 2017 compared to 2016. It does not include misdemeanors.

    MacKenzie said Tulsa's nearly record homicide number is catching the public's attention more, and therefore rumors have gotten out about how a safe city is appearing to be a dangerous place.

    Even with the homicide number, MacKenzie said many of the victims knew their killers and hardly anyone was randomly picked off the street and killed just because they were in the path of a killer. One person last weekend was caught in the cross fire of a gang shooting, but Tulsa police said that incident is a rare tragedy.

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