• Stats contradict Trump claim concerning military surplus weapons in hands of local police forces


    WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Donald Trump said he's giving more military surplus weapons to local police departments than ever before.

    At a Police Week ceremony, Trump said he has expanded the controversial program that takes equipment the Pentagon no longer needs and gives it to local police.

    Though it's true that millions of dollars in military equipment does go to police departments, Pentagon data shows that, nationwide, those numbers were the same under President Barack Obama.

    In Oklahoma, however, local police departments have received more under Trump. Records show that police departments received nearly $2 million in military surplus equipment since Trump took office, nearly double the $972,000 they received during the last 15 months of the Obama administration.

    Not all of that equipment consists of weapons. The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, for instance, received cold weather jackets.

    President Trump did lift Obama-era restrictions on donating some weapons, but the numbers show that, overall, that has not changed teh amount of weapons actually changing hands.

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